The DD cube ONE® ML is ready for sale.

The first pre-orders have been delivered and our warehouse is filled. The additional time we invested in the development of an excellent zirconium oxide has worked out well. 

We have some great offers for you at our IDS exhibition booth. Visit us from 12 to 16 March - East Entrance, Hall 3.2, Stand J-039/H-030.



DD cube ONE® ML is a multi-layer, multi-indicative zirconium oxide blank. Its light-optical and very good mechanical properties make it a universal zirconium for aesthetic, monolithic, cut back or fully veneered restoration of any bridge span. 




Cube ONE ML Modell

Each layer concept of the offered VITA® shades is matched to the dentin shade. The dynamic chroma and a controlled increase in translucency from cervical to incisal use the full potential of the cubic zirconium base.






In a chewing simulation with 1.2 million cycles (5 years in the mouth), the breaking strength increases. For a third-generation zirconium oxide, the special feature, in addition to the high bending strength of 1,250 MPa (ISO 6872), is the high breaking protection factor. Due to a balanced, hybrid microstructure (4Y-TZP), the material behaves in clinical use like the long-term proven, opaque 3Y-TZP types (such as DD Bio ZX²).


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