DD cubeX²® ML – Optimised Concept

To enable our multilayer blanks to be an allround talent in your laboratory, we demand a high degree of flexibility from our developers. During the past 6 months we have been listening to you very carefully, evaluating and analysing your opinions of, and experiences with, our DD cubeX²® ML Concept. We have had some lively discussions, and have worked closely with our partners from construction, nesting and sintering, through to position in situ. We have enjoyed seeing the creativity with which you approach digital dental technology, developing concepts for the welfare of the patient. Everything we have learned has been implemented in our DD cubeX²® ML Version 2.0. As a result, colour values have been slightly corrected, and colour gradation has been optimised for greater efficiency and a wider range of possibilities during nesting.As with its predecessor, the outstanding strength of this group of materials has been retained. We would like to thank everyone involved for their cooperation and teamwork. We hope you will be pleased, and wish you every success with the new possibilities.  

Less lightening of color thanks to:

  • Smaller incisal- and transition layers
  • Higher colour value