panther – The Premium-Finish Polishing Kit

By using CAD/CAM blanks from Dental Direkt, the dentist and dental technicians have chosen the know-how of the largest, german manufacturer of dental zirconium oxide. Our production processes are the result of intensive research and development work. Thereby it is the subtleties in the process control that define the quality of a high-performance ceramic. 

The nuances when finishing your zirconium oxide restorations are just as important. With the panther polishing system we offer an ideal tool for quick and aesthetic polishing while taking the latest research results into consideration. The tools were developed in close cooperation with dental technicians and optimised with respect to their handling. 

We would like to thank all those who participated, for the efforts they put in and the passion for optimisation. The end result was the knowledge gained that polishing is not the same as polishing. 

Premium-Finish Polishing Kit - for a flawless gloss 

The panther premiumnish polishing-kit consists of polishers in four different shapes, with which you are equipped for every indication and situation. The Starter-Kit includes, in addition to the rubber polishers for the first smoothing (purple), a second rubber polisher (white) for the gloss as well as goat’s hair brushes and a diamond polishing paste. The polishing-kit is supplied on high quality and heavy aluminium stand on which each instrument finds its place.