MSE- Series

compatible with: MIS Implants® / Seven®

Prefab Set

Art. no. Sizes
DDMSEPF33S Ø 3,3 mm
DDMSEPF37S Ø 3,75 / 4,2 mm
DDMSEPF50S Ø 5,0 mm

Ti- Base Set

Art. no. Sizes
DDMSETB33S Ø 3,3 mm
DDMSETB37S Ø 3,75 / 4,2 mm
DDMSETB50S Ø 5,0 mm

Ti-Base 2CUT Set

Art. no. Sizes
DDMSEKL33S Ø 3,3 mm
DDMSEKL42S Ø 3,75/4,2 mm
DDMSEKL50S Ø 5,0 mm

Ti-Base 2CUT noLock Set

Art. no. Sizes
DDMSENL33S Ø 3,3 mm
DDMSENL42S Ø 3,75/4,2 mm
DDMSENL50S Ø 5,0 mm

Scanbody Set

Art. no. Sizes
DDMSESB33S Ø 3,3 mm
DDMSESB37S Ø 3,75 / 4,2 mm
DDMSESB50S Ø 5,0 mm

Laboratory screw (black)

Art. no. Sizes
DDMSELS33 Ø 3,3 mm
DDMSELS37 Ø 3,75 / 4,2 mm
DDMSELS50 Ø 5,0 mm

All prefabs (milling blanks), Ti- bases and Scanbodies are supplied in a sealed blister pack including the laboratory and implant screws. The implant screw can be separated  from the rest and send with a single lot number to the dentist.

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