Universal dual-curing composite based luting for intra and extraoral use

The DD Solid Link is a permanent luting solution for all common dental materials. Due to the reliable and precise luting is the fixation guaranteed. DD Solid Link forms the link between the sub- and suprastructures.

Your benefits:

  • permanent fixation for the common dental materials

  • universal solution, for intra- and extraoral usage

  • highly opaque masking properties for discolored or titanium bases

  • Working time approx. 2 min.

  • Setting time extraoral (23°C) approx. 7 min.

  • Setting time intraoral (37°C) approx. 4 min.

Three shades for the perfect color matching

The DD Solid Link is available in two highly opaque (white/high opaque and dentine/high opaque) colors and additionally in a translucent shade.

DD Solid Link

Art. no. Contents

DD Solid Link translucent


DD Solid Link dentine high opaque


DD Solid Link white high opaque

Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

Not all products are available in every country.

Technical data

Class IIa according to MDD


Permanent extra- and intraoral luting for suprastructures (incl. mesostructures) made of metal, ceramic, zirconium dioxide and polymers (composite, hybridceramic or PMMA)

  • Prefabricated adhesive/titanium bases (only extraorally)

  • Customised titanium and zirconium dioxide abutments (extra- and intraorally)

  • Tooth substance

Chemical composition
(in descending order according to content)

methacrylate, benzoyl peroxide and amines

3-Point flexural strength*
ISO 4049

119 MPa

Shear Bond strength on zirconium dioxide**
ISO/TS 29022

24.4 MPa

Shear Bond strength on titanium**
ISO/TS 29022

25.1 MPa

Shear Bond strength on lithium disilicate**
ISO/TS 29022

24.4 MPa

* nach 24 h storage at 23°C
** with DD Uni Bond


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