Bonding agent for the tooth substance

The DD Uni Bond D is a dual-curing, self-etching nano-composites reinforced bond for creating a durable bonding between the tooth substance and DD Solid Link. The DD Uni Bond D consits of 2 components.

Your benefits:

  • Chemical bonding for areas where is light-curing not possible

  • Eliminates the need for a separate etching step yet still achieves the same adhesive properties as total-etch bonds

  • Tolerates residual moisture

  • Durable marginal fitting

DD Uni Bond D

Art. no. Amount Contents
DDSLUBD 2 x 4 ml

DD Uni Bond D

Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

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Technical data

Klasse IIa nach MDD


Direct self-curing or dual-curing composite restorations and core build-ups

Direct light-curing composite/ compomer/Ormocer®-based restorations

Fixing of root pins/posts with dual-curing or self-curing composite cements

Indirect restorations; when using dual-curing/self-curing composite cements for bonding of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges

Chemical composition

Organic acids, Bis-GMA, HEMA, TMPTMA, campherchinon, amines (DABE), BHT, catalysts, fluoride and ethanol.




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