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Your benefits:

  • High flexibility combined with high impact strength 
  • Very good polishability

  • Bonding to conventional polymers possible

  • No risk of fracture - splint fractures almost excluded 
  • High chemical resistance (IPA, medical disinfectants, oncological drugs)

  • Improved patient comfort

Polyethylenterephthalat-Glycol (PET-G) 


DD Bio Splint FLEX are transparent dental milling blanks made of PETG, for the manufacture of flexible splints, therapeutic splints, bite regulators and drilling templates, for short-term use in the oral cavity of up to 30 days.

DD Bio Splint FLEX clear

Art. no. Height (mm)
K60120 20

Physical specifications

Feature Unit Value
Flexural strength [MPa] >58
Flexural modulus [MPa] >1370
Fracture toughness [MPam^(1/2)] >3
Residual monomer content [%] -
Water sorption [µg/mm³] 6
Solubility [µg/mm³] <0,25

Chemical composition

Polyethylenterephthalat-Glykol PETG 100%

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