DD temp MED

high translucent polymers

DD tempMED blanks consist of thermoplastic acrylic polymer based on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), with no toxic or allergenic materials. The material offers a light refraction index close to the natural tooth. The warm hues and high translucency of the material ensure an appealing aesthetic without veneering and painting. The photooptical properties produce color gradients, which render the complex nesting (in e.g. multilayer blanks) redundant.

Your benefits:

  • biocompatible – medical polymer material
  • industrially – absolutely low residual monomer content
  • high fracture resistance and continuous flexural load
  • plaque resistant – lowest water absorption – dense structure
  • good polishing properties
  • CAM-optimized hardness (23 HV1) for good machinability

DD temp MED for open systems Ø 98,5 mm

Art. no. VITA® color Height (mm)
K42216 Bleach 16
K42220 Bleach 20
K42225 Bleach 25
K 1.16.15 A1 15
K 1.16.20 A1 20
K 1.10.15 A2 15
K 1.10.20 A2 20
K 1.11.15 A3 15
K 1.11.20 A3 20
K 1.12.15 A3,5 15
K 1.12.20 A3,5 20
K 1.13.15 B2 15
K 1.13.20 B2 20
K 1.15.15 C2 15
K 1.15.20 C2 20
K 1.14.15 D3 15
K 1.14.20 D3 20
Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

Physical specifications

Characteristics Unit Value

Flexural strength


~ 78

Flexural modulus


~ 2988

Water absorption


19 – 25

Residual monomer content




Chemical composition

Polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA)


Coloring pigments

≤ 0,2


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