DD Nature ZR

zirconia veneering porceain

DD Nature ZR is a veneering ceramic that is optically and technically perfectly attuned to zirconia frameworks (Y-TZP). We live up to our own demands for brilliant, aesthetic dental prostheses with the innovative DD Nature ZR porcelain veneers. The concept allows you to achieve lively, reliable color renditions with the least effort. TEC has been optimised for very strong bonding with zirconia and guarantees high breakage resistance.

The best results can be achieved when veneering DD Bio Z frameworks.

  • DD Nature ZR is unsuitable for veneering metal or titanium frameworks.
  • DD Nature ZR is solely intended for dental use
Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

Data sheets available upon request.

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Characteristic Unit Value

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (25 – 500°)

10⁻⁶ K⁻¹


Glass Transition Temperature



Flexural Strength

MPa 90


Complete set

Art. no. Contents
N 200

16 dentine: A1–D4 à 20 g 
4 enamel: E1–E4 à 20 g 
2 gum à 20 g 
3 transpa à 20 g
3 effekt transpa à 20 g 
2 opal à 20 g
1 correction à 20 g 
13 stains à 4 g
1 glaze à 4 g
1 glaze liquid à 30 ml
1 modelling liquid à 30 ml 


Art. no. Color / 20 g
N 100 A1
N 101 A2
N 102 A3
N 103 A3,5
N 104 A4
N 105 B1
N 106 B2
N 107 B3
N 108 B4
N 109 C1
N 110 C2
N 111 C3
N 112 C4
N 113 D2
N 114 D3
N 115 D4


Art. no. Color / 20 g
N 116 E1
N 117 E2
N 118 E3
N 119 E4

Transpa & Effect

Art. no. Color / 20 g
N 120 clear
N 121 neutral
N 122 opal
N 123 effect grey
N 124 effect light amber
N 125 effect light grey
N 126 opal ice-blue
N 127 opal amber


Art. no. Color / 20 g
N 129 G2 dark pink
N 130 G1 light pink


Art. no. Color / 20 g
N 128 Correction Powder

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