Intraoralscanner TRIOS® 3

The TRIOS® 3 Intraoralscanner creates precise digital impressions in short time. The result can immediately be checked, corrected or sent to a laboratory of your choice for further processing. The new generation of the TRIOS® 3 combines three components: an intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression, an integrated intraoral camera, and a color scanner for accurate and predictable results. 

Your advantages 

Fast digital impression 

The intraoral scanner TRIOS® 3 generates a digital impression of maxilla, mandible and bite in the shortest time. Thanks to its removable and autoclavable mouthpiece, the scanner is immediately operational. Preparations of the patient, such as application of powder or sprays, are omitted. 

Highest precision 

The intraoral scanner TRIOS® 3 eliminates distorted impressions. Thanks to “Ultrafast Optical Sectioning“ the intraoral scanner delivers extremely precise data and can scan even metals, soft tissue and bone powder-free. 

Color identification 

Identify tooth colors during scanning in order to obtain more precise and more computable results. 

Immediately verifiable results 

The scanned data are displayed in real time and 3D on the terminal of the intraoral scanner. In this way, the result can be immediately verified and selectively corrected as required within seconds – comfortably and efficiently in one sitting. 

Maximum patient comfort  

Thanks to the intraoral scanner’s narrow mouthpiece, no gag reflex or fear of suffocation occur any longer. The scan can even be interrupted and continued without any problems at a later moment. 

TRIOS® 3 MONO Pod configuration
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TRIOS® Wireless MOVE in pen shape


TRIOS® Wireless MOVE with handhold


TRIOS® 3 MOVE in pen shape


TRIOS® 3 MOVE with handhold


TRIOS® Mono MOVE in pen shape


TRIOS® Mono MOVE with handhold

TRIOS® 3 Pod configuration
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TRIOS® MONO Pod in pen shape


TRIOS® MONO Pod with handhold


TRIOS® 3 Pod with pen shape


TRIOS® 3 Pod with handhold


TRIOS® Wireless Pod in pen shape


TRIOS® Wireless Pod with handhold


Notebook (Dell XPS 15)

TRIOS® 3 Cart configuration
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TRIOS® 3 Cart in pen shape


TRIOS® 3 Cart with hand hold


TRIOS® Wireless Cart in pen shape


TRIOS® Wireless Cart with handhold


TRIOS® Mono Cart in pen shape


TRIOS® Mono Cart with handhold

Technical data


Scanning time per tooth/jaw

10 sec./tooth

1 min./jaw (TRIOS®3)

Operating mode of the scanner (single shot/video)

continuous shooting (up to 25/sec.)

Potential for “optical” bite registration

Yes, right and left side, live matching

Preparation of impression area (powder required?)

Superficial drying (powderless)


Open (Inbox software required for receipt of a completed order form), dcm/udx/stl (with additional license)

Compatible with

All systems that can process open .stl, .udx and .dcm data

Dimensions (L x W x H)

TRIOS®                          275 x 150 x 55 mm

TRIOS® 3 handhold       250 x 140 x 40 mm

TRIOS® 3 pen                250 x 50 x 40 mm


Weight of the intraoral scanner

TRIOS®                          800 g

TRIOS® 3 handhold       392 g

TRIOS® 3 pen                380 g



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