How can Top dental performance be best achieved? Together.

If someone asks us what the Dental Direkt philosophy represents, then our answer is clear and simple: We are partners of the laboratories. In all sectors, with utmost consistency.
Our company foundation in 1998 was already based on this partnership because as laboratories were faced with high purchasing prices, we found effective ways out of the cost trap by means of efficient direct sales.

Dental Direkt was able to offer laboratories fair purchasing opportunities as a result of prices that were exclusively oriented product quality. “Quality available to everyone” was the name of the game and this was followed by countless kilometres on the highway and customer visits in order to communicate our principle “the profit of your company lies in the procurement”. This resulted in an unexpected success.

Today we work closer than ever with laboratory operations and offer technical and digital 360° solutions so that user can optimally and easily use the synergies of the Dental Direkt business units. 

On the one hand, we process more than 100 tonnes of zirconium oxide powder every year to create milling blanks that are distributed around the world in more than 60 countries. Each year more than 4.5 million dental prosthesis elements are manufactured from our ceramics. On the other hand, we accompany our customers with innovative CAD/CAM systems in matters of digitalisation and help them structure their operations so that they are better equipped for the future. The symbiosis of material and digital competence is unique in this sector.

Furthermore, we provide our customers with high-performance capacities. As an outsourcing partner in our technology centre we will take charge of all things that cannot be manufactured in the laboratory due to complex techniques or excessive processing times. This results in the latest denture prosthesis – highquality and cost efficient manufacturing. 

As a progressive provider in the area of dental CAD/CAM materials and digital solutions, we do not just use international markets as sales regions, we also import the latest research findings from these regions.

In our own technology centre, we operate material and process development on the basis of this knowledge. Those companies that personally develop, produce and integrate their own materials into the digital production chain, like we do, will not only be able to guarantee the highest dental quality but also be able to make clinical assessments.

We don’t know that either. However, we do know that with our help you will be optimally equipped for the future, because using the changes for the benefit of our customers is the central driving force we have proven from the very beginning.

We are a large family composed of merchants, dental technicians, engineers and production specialists and this is where the fun starts. We pull together, have arguments and discussions, complement and encourage one another and passionately work towards finding the best possible solution for existing and potential customers.

From the very beginning, we were that one critical step closer and we knew what motivated the individuals of the sector and where we could make the most valuable contributions in laboratory operations and in practice. 
We have come a great deal closer to our customers once again as a result of individual training and application training programs. The current slogan “close to you” emphasizes this point and highlights the professional and human side. No matter how important the business is – it is easier to become successful on a fair and friendly basis.

The common journey

has definitely not come to an end. Once we are able to see which success our customers achieved with the Dental Direkt services, we know why we will continue to be by their side to provide them with innovative solution in the future.

It is a little similar to 1998, although we thankfully no longer have our offices in the cellar. Every day offers the possibility of a new success story that we can write together. Let’s start now!

Your Dental Direkt team