DD cubeX² confess color – pre-coloured VITA® Shades

Following the development of the standard material DD Bio Z and the translucent DD Bio ZX² as pre-colored variants, we have extended this also to the new highly translucent DD cubeX². In contrast to the two named color ranges, the aim was to reproduce the particularly common shades of the Vita® shade guide. After extensive deliberation, the following were selected: A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C2 and D3.

These six shades should be available in the future as solid starting base for further individualisation.
[Figure 2 – Vita guide + crowns + discs]

How are the blanks colored?

Like with coloring solutions, manganese oxide (grey), iron oxide (yellow) and erbium oxide are used to achieve the differently colored blanks. The pre-colored powders of these so-called color oxides are mixed in varying proportions with the uncolored, white powder (here the DDcubeX² material) until homogenous, and then pressed to form a blank. All the remaining production steps up to the finished packaged product are similar for colored and uncolored blanks.

How are the results evaluated?

Various tests are conducted to ensure that the new products also fulfill all the requirements and meet the high quality expected from us. Furthermore, the test pieces developed by us are milled from the blanks and also analysed, for example for their translucency, color and even hardness. Obviously, the milling quality also plays a massive role. Combining all the results shows us then whether we can guarantee that the product is convincing during processing and also for the later application.