The ceramic-related, shortenable adhesive base

All-ceramic restorations are our passion. More than 15 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-performance ceramics and more than 23 million patient-applied elements made of our zirconium oxide speak for themselves. With this passion, we have now developed flexible adhesive bases »2CUT« which can be shortened in length.

The design and function are optimally adapted to the aesthetic requirements of a ceramic restoration. In this way, you can guarantee your dentists and patients an optimum restoration with a system approach, where you have one contact person for all prosthetic materials used.

Hintergrund DD Solid Protect


Everything from a single source and aesthetics under control

Our materials and components provide you with a comprehensive system for implant prosthetic solutions. The focus is on aesthetics and safety for the patient. For example, our restorations also imitate a part of the root. In this way, highly aesthetic implant restorations are achieved, which retain their natural appearance even if the gingiva recedes.

Multilayer SHT

DD cubeX²® ML crown. The zirconium oxide with anterior translucency.

Monochrom HS

DD Bio Z Hybrid abutment. The stable, opaque zirconium oxide conceals the metal shade.

Rotation protection on the tube, so that the minimum wall thickness is not undercut. Anti-rotation protection geometry optimized for normal inside machining with a 1 mm milling cutter.

Minimal movement of the zirconium oxide hybrid abutment, despite an optimal bonding gap.

Uniform, circularly material thickness.

Dental Direkt always includes two screws. Laboratory screw with uniform screw head, implant screw with original screw head - for easy handling in laboratory and practice.

The most flexible adhesive base in the product family

Not only protects the zirconium oxide, but also your stock.

  • The individually shortenable surface height allows you to adapt the length of the abutment to the requirements of the individual case. At predefined grooves, the height can be easily shortened from 6 mm to 5 mm or 4 mm and thus flexibly varied.
  • The design and the variable bonding surface are ideal for supporting the ceramic restoration.
  • The rotation protection on the tube enables a uniform, circular material thickness and thus provides ideal and gentle support for the ceramic.
  • The DD Solid Connect® "2CUT" adhesive bases are available rotationally indexed or as the "noLock" variant freely rotating for bridge restorations.
Labor- und finale Schraube

All DD Ti-Bases have one thing in common:

All adhesive bases guarantee a reliable and accurately fitting connection into the original implant and are always supplied with two screws. One black laboratory screw with universal screw head and one highly stable implant screw (silver) with original screw head.

DD Ti-Base

  • Rotationally indexed on the restoration and implant side

  • Ideal laboratory bonding due to exact rotation protection
  • 4mm adhesive surface

DD Ti-Base 2CUT

  • Rotationally indexed on the restoration and implant side
  • Ideal laboratory bonding due to exact rotation protection
  • Shortenable bonding surface

DD TI-Base 2CUT noLock


  • 360° freedom on the restoration and implant side
  • For bar and bridge constructions
  • Shortenable bonding surface


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