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Technically required cookies, which are necessary for the correct operation of the site and have no influence on data protection.

Cookie Information
Name Provider Purpose Duration


The Website User Session (Login)

23 days

Shows whether the user's browser supports JavaScript. Browser-Session

When you visit this website for the first time, you are asked for your permission to use several services (including those from third parties) that require data to be saved in your browser (cookies, local storage). Your decisions about each service (allow, deny) are stored in this cookie and are reused each time you visit this website. 1 year


Google Analytics

  • Type: Analysis
  • Purpose: Cookie from Google for website analysis. Records statistical information about how visitors use the website. Google Analytics privacy policy:
  • Provider: Google LLC


Cookie Information
Name Provider Purpose Duration
_ga Google LLC

Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.

2 years

Google LLC

Used by Google Analytics to limit the request rate

1 minute
_gid Google LLC

Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.

1 day


Facebook Pixel

  • Type: Marketing
  • Purpose: Cookies enable Facebook to offer the Facebook Products and to understand the information received, including information about website use. Facebook privacy policy:
  • Provider: Facebook

If you are logged in to Facebook, you can set your settings for advertisements at…. If you are not a Facebook user, you can manage your usage-based online advertising at

For more information about the provider's data policies, please visit

Cookie Information
Name Provider Purpose Duration
_fbp Facebook This cookie uses Facebook to display advertising products. 3 months
fr Facebook This cookie is used to keep Facebook pixels working properly. 3 months
comment_author_50ae8267e2bdf1253ec1a5769f48e062311233632 Facebook

This cookie stores the text and name of a user who, for example, leaves a comment.

1 year


This cookie stores the URL of the website, which the user enters in a text field on our website.

1 year
comment_author_email_50ae8267e2bdf1253ec1a5769f48e062 Facebook

This cookie stores the user's e-mail address, if the user has provided it on the website.

1 year


  • Type: Analytics
  • Purpose: Cookie from eTracker for website analyses. Records statistical information about how the visitor uses the website. eTracker privacy policy:
  • Provider: etracker GmbH, Erste Brunnenstraße 1, 20459 Hamburg, Germany


Name Purpose Duration Example-content
_et_coid Cookie recognition (only with cookie activation) 2 years / configurable 108bf9a85547edb1108bf9a85547edb1
et_oi_v2 Functional / required:
Opt-In cookie stores the visitor's decision when tracking Opt-In is played on the customer's site. Also used for a possible opt-out.
"no" - 50 Jahre
"yes" - 480 Tage
et_oip Functional / required:
OptIn cookie for "Signalize". If the customer chooses "no", the cookie is set with the value "no" and a duration of 30 days. If the customer chooses "x" or presses the ESC key (no decision), the cookie is set with the value "no" for a validity of 1 day. A value of "yes" is not required as this is implicitly given by the consent to the actual browser push.
"no" - 30 Tage
"no" (Session) 1 Tag
et_allow_cookies Functional / required:
When using data block cookies, the API call _etracker.enableCookies() sets this cookie to "1" to indicate that etracker may set cookies. The cookie is set to "0" when _etracker.disableCookies() is called.
"0" - 50 Years
"1" - 480 Days
isSdEnabled Recognition of whether the visitor's scrolling depth is measured (only with cookie activation). 24H true
GS3_v Set by the Optimizer Web Service. Contains the same Visitor ID as BT_pdc (only with cookie activation). 1 Year 4682607
BT_ctst Is only used to detect whether cookies are activated in the visitor's browser or not (only if cookies are activated). Browser-Session 101
BT_sdc Contains Base64-encoded data of the current visitor session (referrer, number of pages, number of seconds since the start of the session, displayed smart messages in the session), which are used for personalisation purposes (only if cookie is activated) Dauer der Sitzung eyJldF9jb2lkIjoiTkEiLCJy...DMzNTYzNzM3LCJwaSI6NH0=
BT_pdc Contains Base64-encoded visitor history data (is customer, newsletter recipient, visitor ID, displayed smart messages) for personalisation (only if cookie is activated) 1 Year
BT_ecl Contains a list of project IDs for which the visitor is excluded. This cookie is set by the web service if the client has configured that not all visitors are assigned to a test, but only a certain fraction (only if cookie is activated). 30 Days BT-6037799f213de9e9961facc224b69

All information is subject to change by the providers. We update this data regularly.

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