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By using these services, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.

We offer a variety of different services. For this reason, additional conditions or product requirements may apply. Such additional terms will be provided in connection with such services and will become part of your relationship with us as soon as you use such services.

Use of our services

You are required to comply with the guidelines that apply to our services.

Do not misuse our services. For example, you are not authorized to interfere with the services or to access them in any way other than via the user interface provided by Dental Direkt and in accordance with our regulations. You may only use our services in the legally permitted framework. This also includes the legal provisions on export and re-export control. We may suspend or discontinue providing our services to you if you breach our terms of use or policies or if we investigate suspected misconduct.

Use of our services does not grant you any copyrights or commercial property rights for our services or for the contents that you access. You may not use the contents of our services unless you have the concept of the holder of rights or are otherwise authorized to use them. These terms of use do not grant you any right to the use of brands, brand elements, or logos used in our services. Legal information shown in or in connection with our services may not be removed, rendered unrecognizable, or changed.

Our services also display content that does not originate from Dental Direkt. This content is solely the responsibility of the person making it available. Dental Direkt does not claim this content as its own. We reserve the right to check content for unlawfulness or violation of our guidelines. We may remove content or refuse to display it if we can reasonably assume that it violates our guidelines or applicable law.

Some of our services are also available on mobile devices. Please do not use these services in a way that distracts you whilst driving or prevents compliance with traffic rules and safety regulations.

Your Dental Direkt account

To use some of our services, you will need a Dental Direkt account. A Dental Direkt account is created and assigned to you by our administrator. If this is the case, other or additional conditions may apply, and your administrator may, for example, access your account or disable it.

Please keep your password confidential to protect your Dental Direkt account. You are responsible for activities in and with your Dental Direkt account. Should you notice an unauthorized use of your password or of your account, you are bound to inform Dental Direkt thereof by sending an email to datenschutz [at] dentaldirekt.de (datenschutz[at]dentaldirekt[dot]de)..

Data protection and copyright protection

How Dental Direkt handles your personal data and protect your data if you use our services is explained in our privacy policies.

We react to reports of suspected copyright violations and exclude users who repeatedly violate our policies. This procedure complies with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Your content in our services

You can post content on some of our services. You retain your rights as the author and all existing industrial property rights to the content that you post on our services. In short: What's yours is yours.

By posting copyright-protected or otherwise-protected content on our services, you give Dental Direkt the necessary, free, non-exclusive, and global right to use said content for an indefinite period solely for the purpose of providing said service and only to the extent necessary to do so. For example, in order for Dental Direkt to be able to provide the relevant service, the content must be saved and hosted on servers. The right of use therefore includes in particular the right to technically reproduce the contents. You also grant Dental Direkt the right to make your content publicly accessible exclusively in the event that you intend to make them publicly accessible due to the nature of the respective service or if you have expressly indicated that they are to be made publicly accessible. The right to public access ends when you remove content from a particular service or remove the indication of your intention that it be made publicly available. Certain services may be subject to additional conditions that provide for the granting of further rights. If you upload and send content on our services, ensure that you have any and all rights required to do so.

For more information on how Dental Direkt uses and stores content, please refer to our privacy policy or the additional terms and conditions for certain services. If you send us feedback or suggestions for improvements to our services, we have the right to use said feedback and suggestions for improvement without any obligations to you.

Software in our services

If the use of a service requires or includes downloadable software, said software can be updated on your computer as agreed in your licensing agreement.
You do not have the right to reproduce, change, disseminate, sell, or rent any part of our services or the software contained therein. Furthermore, you may not reverse engineer the software or attempt to extract its source code. Exceptions only apply to the extent that this is legally permitted or to the extent that you have written consent from Dental Direkt.

Use of third-party software

We sometimes recommend the use of software, information, products, or websites owned or operated by other companies. While we strive to provide you with helpful, trusted resources, we cannot confirm, approve, guarantee, or track any software, information, products, or services provided by or found in any third-party resource. We are therefore not responsible for the content or accuracy of third-party resources or for any loss or damages of any kind arising from the use or failure of products or services provided to or by third parties. If you use a third-party resource, you are subject to its terms and licenses and will no longer be protected by our privacy policy or security measures that may differ from the third party's policy or practices or other conditions. You should review the license and usage terms, as well as the privacy and security practices of the third-party that govern your use of this resource.

Changes to and discontinuation of our services

Due to technological requirements, we will change and optimize our services continuously and without specific announcement. With consideration given to the relevant interests, we can, for example, add or remove functions and features or implement new limitations for our services.
You may terminate your use of our services at any time. We would regret this decision.
Your information is yours and we think it is important that you have access to it. If we discontinue a service, we will, as far as reasonably possible, inform you in advance and give you the opportunity and sufficient time to export your data from that service, taking into account your interests.

Warranty and exclusion of liability

We provide our services in an economically appropriate manner and hope that you enjoy using them. However, there are some things that do not fall within our range of services.

Unless expressly stated in these terms of use or in any other applicable terms and conditions, neither Dental Direkt nor its affiliates, suppliers, or distributors make any specific representations or warranties with respect to the services. For example, we make no representations regarding the content of the services, specific functionalities of the same, or their reliability, availability, or suitability for your purposes. We provide the services in their most up-to-date form. Dental Direkt GmbH assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages which arise from loss of use, loss of data in connection with the use of information or documents or the provision of services that are accessible on this website.

Liability for our services

Dental Direkt GmbH has compiled this website with the greatest possible care and endeavors to constantly expand and update the information provided. However, Dental Direkt GmbH assumes no liability for the timeliness, completeness, or accuracy of any of the content or documents provided. This also applies to content provided by third parties.

Any liability for damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this website is excluded, unless we have caused it with intent or gross negligence.

Commercial use of our services

If you use Dental Direkt services for your business, you give your legally binding consent to these terms on behalf of the company. Your company agrees to indemnify and hold Dental Direkt and its affiliates, representatives, agents, and employees harmless from and against any legal proceedings or claims arising from or in connection with the use of these services or any violation of these terms of use, including all claims and costs arising out of actions, losses, damages, legal proceedings, and judgments, legal fees, and attorneys' fees.

Data protection notice Art. 28 GDPR Data processing outsourced

Our services do not contain any personal data that would be outsourced for processing as defined in Art. 28 GDPR. A data processing agreement is not required and is therefore not offered. The establishment of a user account and its operation are governed by GDPR principles. The necessary collection, storage, and processing of the data for establishing the user account takes place on the basis of a consent according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR. By entering into a usage agreement with us, the data will be processed in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b in order to fulfill our contractual obligations. For other rights associated with setting up and using your user account, please see our Privacy Policy.

For more information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at datenschutz [at] dentaldirekt.de (datenschutz[at]dentaldirekt[dot]de)

About these terms of use

Dental Direkt may reasonably adapt these terms of use or any additional provisions for a particular service in order to, for example, take into account changes to basic legal conditions or changes to our services. We recommend that you check these terms of use on a regular basis. We will post notices of changes to these terms of use on this page. We will publish notifications regarding changes to additional provisions within the affected service. Changes do not apply retroactively and come into effect no earlier than 14 days after their publication. However, change regarding a new function for a service or changes made for legal reasons take effect immediately. If you do not consent to the changed terms of use for a service, you must discontinue using that service.

In the event of a discrepancy between these terms of use and additional provisions, the additional provisions shall prevail on a case-by-case basis.

These Terms of Use and any disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use are governed by German law. This choice of law makes no representation as to the law applicable to the respective service itself.

If you are a consumer, the legal regulations apply to all disputes that arise from or in connection with these terms of use with regard to the applicable court of jurisdiction.

If you are not a consumer, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use is Bad Oeynhausen.

Information on contacting Dental Direkt can be found on our Contacts Page.