Competence in combination: Whoever has, can!
Everything perfectly coordinated and from a single source!

Our expertise includes in-depth knowledge of materials and the highest quality standards. A team of highly qualified machinists, dental technologists and users guarantees customized solutions. Innovation and a strict exchange of best practice ensure the highest safety standards for products and processes. Those who have can make the difference!

We create synergies from analog craftsmanship and digital workflows on over 2000 square meters. As a manufacturer, we use our own material warehouse and state-of-the-art machines for processing and production.

By bundling expertise under one roof, short internal paths and our principle of "cross-know-how", we ensure smoothly coordinated processes. The result: high-quality milling service products at a fair price, as an in-house production or outsourcing solution - your profit, your decision.


Transparent production


Inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and dentures are made of zirconia or polymers and offer a perfect fit:

Further advantages:

  • Splints against teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint problems
  • Surgical templates for precise implantations
  • Customized components for orthodontics and implant prosthetics
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Esthetics without compromise over 430 zirconia variants for all technical indications! Two esthetic lines for all esthetic requirements! High-performance ceramics from Europe's largest manufacturer of dental zirconium oxide.

The quality guarantee: »Made in Germany«

Dental Direkt Polymere


Tested and 100% biocompatible. CAD/CAM high-performance polymers for splints, bite regulators, drilling templates, temporary crowns, temporary bridges, implant-supported restorations, fixed and removable frameworks and denture bases.

Dental Direkt NEM

Non-precious metals

These play an important role in the manufacture of dental prostheses. In contrast to gold-based materials used in the past, non-precious metal alloys offer a more cost-effective alternative with very good properties.

These are usually alloys based on cobalt-chromium (CoCr) with additions of molybdenum, manganese, silicon and tungsten. Non-precious metal alloys are characterized by high biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and strength. They are therefore used in a wide range of applications:

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Titanium is establishing itself as the material of choice in modern dentistry. Its outstanding properties make it ideal for use in implantology and prosthetics

FotoDent® Resin

3D printing Resine

Advanced manufacturing processes for patient-specific tooth replacement solutions - dental implantology and prosthetics are undergoing a transformation as 3D printing with resin materials finds its way into modern manufacturing processes. High-precision 3D printers enable the patient-specific creation of dental prosthesis solutions that meet the highest standards of precision, biocompatibility and functionality.

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Our high-end milling and grinding machines guarantee absolute accuracy of fit, extreme speed and maximum efficiency. Innovative technologies and optimally coordinated processes - from hardware and software to materials and processing tools through to the CNC milling machine - ensure precise results at the highest level. In contrast to additive laser melting, in which material is built up layer by layer, milling is a subtractive process. Material is milled out of a block until the desired end product is created. This "technical sculpting" enables consistently high production quality, which is particularly important for dental technology products.

Bitton LaserMelting


LaserMelting (selective laser melting) builds 3D objects from the finest metal powder, which are precisely melted by laser.

Compared to other processes, LaserMelting enables significantly more complex geometries and surpasses dental casting in terms of material quality and precision. Even 16-unit restorations can be realized without any problems.

Our process, specially adapted for dental technology, guarantees the highest accuracy of fit with the fastest delivery times. Different delivery variants give you the choice of processing depth.

3D Druck

3D printing

At Dental Direkt, we rely on the high-quality carbon DLS process (Digital Light Synthesis) and thus offer you 3D printing in dental technology at the highest level.

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Scan and design

Your path to the perfect denture begins with your idea. Whether you send us a hand-made model or scan data (intraoral scan or model scan) is irrelevant. Our experienced CAD specialists will implement your vision precisely and reliably using the latest 3D technologies.





Surface testing / measuring procedures

Precision is our benchmark: surface testing and measuring procedures at Dental Direkt. State-of-the-art testing and measuring procedures guarantee the highest quality and reliability of dental restorations.

Surface inspection:

  • Visual and tactile inspection
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Microscopic examination

Measuring procedure:

  • Computer-aided 3D measurement
  • Tactile measurement technology
  • Optical metrology

Continuous quality control for your satisfaction.

Roman Wolf

"With the cube zirconia, you can achieve restorations that are stable and highly esthetic with a manageable amount of effort. We have two zircons that we work with. DD cubeX²® and DD cube ONE® - with these two zirconias I cover all the indications I need in dental technology."

Roman Wolf, ZTM Dental Laboratory Wolfs Art (Burglengenfeld)

Philipp Stark

"As newcomers to self-employment, we find it great and extremely helpful to receive well-founded support that not only relates to the materials and their processing, but also to marketing issues."

Philipp Stark, ZTM Zahnwerk Dreilinden (Kleinmachnow)

Ricardo Bell

"Because we have a small time window for our orders as a milling center, we need zirconia with top quality and outstanding color fidelity. Almost all of our zircons are cube zircons."

Ricardo Bell, ZTM
Managing Director CADSPEED GmbH (Nienhagen)

Dr. Benjamin Schaude

"It is important for us that the manufacturer of the zirconium oxides also has a milling center. This shows us that the manufacturer knows how to handle the individual zirconium oxides. This naturally gives us security and confidence."

Dr. Benjamin Schaude, Salem dentists - Dr. Schaude & Partner (Salem)

Leonard Hess Stimmen über Dental Direkt

"Since its launch, I have been nothing but impressed with the Dental Direkt line of zirconia restorative products. DD CubeX2® and now DD Cube One® offer superior strength without compromising esthetics. These products have become my first choice for crown and bridge restorations."

Leonard A. Hess, DDS, PA
Senior Faculty Member
The Dawson Academy, USA

Toru Yoshida Stimmen über Dental Direkt

"I have seen and used many zirconia products over the years. Now I can say with complete confidence that Dental Direkt has the answer. DD BioZX has the most lifelike VITA shades on the market. With DD cube ONE and ML now available, I can meet the esthetic requirements of doctors and patients."

Dental Technology WeLT, Japan
Lecturer for the Dental Technology Department

Testimonial Carlos Granados

"With more than 15 years of experience in making dental reconstructions from zirconium, I am now very satisfied when I use a material that guarantees the stability of the different levels of translucency and resistance. Dental Direkt, a company that manufactures a multilayer zirconium, means that we can use it in most of our dental reconstructions."

Carlos granados, dental Teach.
sc cosmetica dental; Colombia

Dennis Schmidt, Tizian Dentaltechnik GmbH

"We use the DD cubeX²® ML. It is a real all-rounder, not only the great color gradient, but also the quality of the material inspires me again and again. It's a pleasure to work with Dental Direkt products!"

Dennis Schmidt, ZTM, CEO
Tizian Dentaltechnik GmbH

Christoph Dyck, Dyck Dentaltechnik

"Dental Direkt is a reliable full-service provider, from products and service to scanners and machines - they have the right solution for everyone. Combined with personal contacts and cooperation at eye level, they are my business partner of choice when it comes to digital dental solutions."

Christoph Dyck, ZTM
Dyck Dental Technology
Fully digital service laboratory & milling center

Testimonial Sergej Bauer

"With the variety of zirconia and the corresponding quality, Dental Direkt offers the right zirconia for every situation. The great results convince my customers and myself that we have chosen the right partner."

Sergej Bauer, ZTM
Designdental - milling center from Münster