Implant prosthetics from the full-service provider

Our DD Solid Connect® product family for implant prosthetics includes all components for modern and future-oriented implant prosthetics: laboratory and implant screws, prefabs, scanbodies, fusion analogues, titanium adhesive bases. We offer prefabricated and individualised prosthetic components that are compatible with all common implant systems.

» In view of the specialisations, aren't the times for full-service providers over? «

Quite the opposite! Because if you look at it closely, this is where the problems of the single specialists lie. More and more isolated solutions are emerging, even though the processes are becoming increasingly interconnected. All the more, then, there is a need for a full-service provider who brings together the materials, technologies and implant components in a holistic approach.

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»Free yourself from isolated solutions - build bridges«

We are connecting materials, implant components and technologies.

We are connecting theory and practice.

We are connecting material knowledge, processing knowledge and digital technology knowledge.

We are connecting dental technicians, dentists and patients.

We are combining user freedom and product quality.

Claim for optimisation

From the very beginning, we had the ambition not to simply copy the implant components, but to develop them further and optimise them to perfection. The know-how we have built up here is the result of years of investment, testing and trials. In this context, the constant exchange with the sales department, which knows the customers' wishes and concerns, was extremely important and valuable.

Our further developments include, among others:

Ti-Base 2CUT - the shortenable and ceramic-oriented titanium bonding base

  • The individually shortenable height of the abutment allows you to adapt the length of the abutment to the requirements of the individual case. The height of 6 mm can be easily shortened to 5 mm or 4 mm at predefined grooves and thus flexibly varied.
  • The design and variable bonding surface are optimal for supporting the ceramic restoration.
  • The anti-rotation protection on the tube enables a uniform, circular material thickness and thus provides ideal and gentle support for the ceramic.
  • Ti-Base 2CUT is also available for free-rotating bridge restorations in the "noLock" version.
  • All our adhesive bases ensure a reliable and accurately fitting connection to the original implant and are always supplied with two screws - a laboratory screw with universal screw head and a highly stable implant screw with original screw head.



Scanbody 2.0 - the basis for perfect treatment

  • Patented design for X and Y axis detection.
  • The change of material from a PEEK-titanium combination to a one-piece titanium Grade 5 scanbody increases the precision of the scan results and reduces the risk of errors in the centric.
  • Matte surface conditioning eliminates the need for a scan spray and reduces scan artefacts - saving time and money.
  • Due to the greatly reduced volume and the slanted geometry, the Scanbody 2.0 is also ideally suited for narrow and high tooth spaces.


Scanbody 2.0 von Dental Direkt

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