Sustainable rail tins made from recycled plastic


Things are happening at Dental Direkt: Product Manager Tanja Bücken-Thielmeyer has launched a pioneering recycling project in collaboration with the design company designmachinexyz from Cologne.

Thanks to our extensive "polymer expertise", we will be producing rail tins from recycled thermoplastics using the injection molding process in future. In this way, we are making a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Our tins are made from the remnants of our medical polymer products that our customers return to us. Environmentally friendly, high-quality and functional, the boxes offer sufficient space for all common dental materials.

» Orders from 15.3.2024

» Sales start 1.4.2024

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Recycling is key. This is how it works.

DD Schienendose

Return milled Polymer Heroes blanks to Dental Direkt or give them to our sales force.

It's worth collecting! 1 free tin for every 10 blanks.