Two aesthetic lines from Europe's No. 1

In our broad and varied zirconium oxide portfolio (> 430), two things have been missing so far to complete the range of this noble high-performance ceramic: A type multilayer (others speak of 3D multilayers) and a zirconia that, in addition to the yellowish-warm aesthetics of our cube zirconia DD cubeX²® ML and DD cube ONE® ML, also serves the bluish/greyish-cold aesthetics.

Type multilayer with bluish-cold aesthetics

With Nacera® Pearl Natural, we close both gaps. With 1,000 MPa in the incisal (6Y-PSZ) and 1,200 MPa (3Y-TZP) in the cervical area, the material can be used multi-indicatively - from single crowns to large fully anatomical implant-supported restorations. The material is available in all 16 VITA® tooth shades and in 3 bleach shades, one of which has been specially developed.

Die zwei Ästhetiklinen von Dental Direkt im vergleich

A real work relief for the dental technician

Thanks to the Carefree handling, nesting of statically important elements anywhere in the blank is possible. 

The naturally beautiful colour and translucency gradient does not require any corrections by the ceramist. 

We offer aesthetics for all demands and a quality 'Made in Germany'.

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