now available in 16 VITA tooth shades

The optimally balanced ratio of high strength and natural translucency makes the DD cube ONE® ML (45% translucency in the cutting edge) an absolute superstar in its class.

The concept has been developed for aesthetic, fully anatomical restorations of any span and offers masking advantages for dark or metallic residual limbs and less greying in the oral cavity. In the anterior region, very high aesthetic demands can be achieved by minimal layering. The translucency is slightly reduced compared to the super high translucency DD cubeX²® zirconium oxide (49% translucency in the incisal region).

Multi-indicative material with perfect mechanics

The phase transformation reinforcement - a »self-healing« and unique property in the group of highly translucent cubic zirconium oxides - enables the high fracture toughness (~10 MPa√m) and prevents the risk of uncontrolled crack growth.

The enormous robustness and resistance to aging is proven by chewing simulations in which the material gains stability over a period of five years as a result of stress.

The result: »ALL indications with ONE ziconia«

Naturalness due to ideal translucency

The five main layers of the DD cube ONE® ML are optimally coordinated in their composition and ensure homogeneous mixing in the four transition layers - this guarantees a flowing color and translucency progression in the steps. With the precise reduction of additives from incisal to cervical through the Multi-Additive-Technology® the perfect interaction of shade and translucency is achieved.

The result: Natural vitality in the body area and higher translucency in the incisal area.

Our tip:

Finalizing with DD contrast®.

Precise tooth shade with a patient-specific touch

1/3 DD cube ONE ML Zahnfarbe

The DD cube ONE® ML blanks guarantee color reliability and reproducibility. With an additional application of DD Art Elements you can set controlled accents for high demands even before sintering and create an additional illusion of depth.

The result: Your personal signature in just two minutes.

Our tip:

Minimal individualization with DD Art Elements


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