Andreas Nolte malt

Wicked stuff, magic liquid: DD contrast® - what’s in those little pots?

Diana de Boer: Can you tell us about the product development and the philosophy behind DD contrast® and give us a little bit more of an insight into the background?

Andreas Nolte: First of all, I have to say in all honesty that I underestimated the effort that goes into product development. The DD contrast® range that wehre holding in our ands now is much Moe than just a set of stains.

Diana de Boer: Can you explain what you mean exactly?

Andreas Nolte: This product that we have created contains my working philosophy on how to produce a beautiful tooth. It is based on over 25 years of experience. Days of intensive work in my laboratory have been invested into this product, which I continuously compared, tried and tested it. Over and over again I discarded my results, started again and reevaluated—it really wasn’t that easy to stay on top of things. My rooms looked like a hoarder's laboratory. These little pots seemed to pop up everywhere you looked.

Diana de Boer: And after all that, what do you think of the end product?

Andreas Nolte: I would describe it this way: well stirred and well reduced, just like a good sauce. The final result is a wonderful selection of highly effective stains and textural masses.

Diana de Boer: Sounds like a truly innovative product.

Andreas Nolte: Yes, it’s actually amazing the kind of results we can achieve in such a simple way. Special components from the range are the feldspathic textures, with which we can apply a minimal layer of DD contrast® texture layering and shape monolithic teeth. This creates fantastic and discreet surface effects. Yes, I think we really succeeded in creating something innovative. I wouldn’t have time to go through all the possibilities. But we’ve been busy and have produced short user videos during the past few weeks, in which we show people how to apply the colors in a gentle and effective way. We give practical tips on how to create realistic depth illusions and achieve natural-looking aesthetics.

Diana de Boer: And what would you say has been the outcome of the first workshops we’ve held in recent months in our DD contrast® technology center?

Andreas Nolte: The three workshops have been great. There have been fantastic lectures, interesting groups made up of key opinion leaders and very good discussions where opinions have been exchanged with great passion and intensity. The reactions from my colleagues and the first tests with DD contrast® were very positive and made the developer inside me jump for joy.

Diana de Boer: That sounds very good. Where do you think the DD contrast® journey will lead us?

Andreas Nolte: I think that with the zirconium oxide types that are available from Dental Direkt – in combination with DD contrast®  – we have developed a system that enables us to provide an individual answer in every patient’s circumstance.

Diana de Boer: It seems as if this has been a successful cooperation between Andreas Nolte and Dental Direkt.

Andreas Nolte: Well yes, I got a good feeling from all our conversations—the chemistry between us was right from the very beginning. I’ve enjoyed working with a family-run East Westphalian company with typical, hardworking, self-made personalities such as Gerhard de Boer and Uwe Greitens. I myself am from East Westphalia—so we’re on the same wavelength—we have to get along (laughs).

And I was very impressed by the meticulousness, structure and passion that you find in the production of zirconium oxide at Dental Direkt. I can only recommend to anyone interested to take a personal look at the work happening in Spenge. It’s best if you can attend a DD contrast® workshop or the masterclass and then you automatically get to enjoy a guided tour too.

Diana de Boer: The doors of Dental Direkt are open to everyone – everyone will be made to feel very welcome. Andreas, thanks so much for the interview.

Interview conducted by Diana de Boer, Key Account Manager