Andreas Nolte talking about his DD contrast® philosophy

Our DD contrast® experts talking

Our Workshop-attandees interview about their first impressions about DD contrast®

DD contrast® – System description

DD contrast®, the color and texture system from Dental Direkt, gives full monolithic restorations optimum color intensity, vivid depth effect and various degrees of fluorescence. It creates a wonderful symbiosis with the color and light systems of our monolithic zirconium oxides.

Courses 2020

25.08.2020 Masterclass Kick-off with Andreas Nolte


29.09.2020 Masterclass with Andreas Nolte


27.10.2020 Masterclass with Andreas Nolte

Canceled due to COVID-19

17.11.2020 Masterclass with Andreas Nolte


08.12.2020 Masterclass with Andreas Nolte

Hygiene behaviour for courses in the technology centre

  • Up to 10 persons from different households may stay in one room
  • -> that means: 3 employees of DD and 7 course participants.
  • The contact details of the participants must be recorded with date, time and signature for tracking purposes. The documents must be kept for 3 weeks after the workshop.
  • If demonstrations are given and the participants have to come close to the lecturer's table for pursuit, everyone must wear a mouth and nose cover. Sufficient ventilation must be provided.
  • Toilets must be cleaned more often and disinfectants must be provided. A distance limit of 1,5 m must be set in front of the toilets.
  • Visibly attach a sign for "occupied" and "free" to the toilets.
  • A minimum distance of 1.5 m to other people should be maintained outside the seating areas and in the counter area.
  • At the food counter, either the rolls must be provided individually on plates or a DD employee must hand out the rolls per participant. Self-service is not allowed!
  • A directional mark must be stuck to the floor so that the passage to the ceramic kiln runs in an orderly fashion. A crowd of people less than 1.5 m apart is not permitted.
  • Nobody may sit on the dental technician places at the furnaces, otherwise the minimum distance cannot be guaranteed.
  • Eating out is allowed with 10 people from different households.

DD contrast® color

Characteristics and helpful tips about DD contrast® color.

DD contrast color rezius auftragen
DD contrast color violett

DD contrast® texture

Characteristics and helpful tips about DD contrast® texture.

DD color texture Konsistenz
DD color texture aufbringen

DD contrast® glaze

Why using two different glazes and how to use?

DD contrast glaze auftragen
DD contrast glaze

DD contrast® helpful tips

Whereupon do you have pay attention while handling the DD contrast® components

DD contrast Material durchrühren
DD contrast Vorbereitung

DD contrast® single firing technique

A simple explanation of the single firing technique with the DD contrast® components

DD contrast Einbrand
DD contrast Töpfchen

The comparison – single firing and double firing technique

Andreas Nolte explaining the difference between single firing- and double firing technique.

Der Vergleich – Einbrand/Zweibrandtechnik
DD contrast Vergleich

»A solution to every individual patient case«!

How to apply DD contrast® on the tooth?

The Masterclass: Developer and technician Andreas Nolte is going to explain DD contrast® and present fantastic possibilities how you can work with the materials.

Masterclass Andreas Nolte Bild 3
Masterclass Andreas Nolte Bild 2
Masterclass mit Andreas Nolte Bild 1

»Masterclass with Andreas Nolte«:


  • Zirconiumoxid- Lightmanagement
  • Indication- appropiate material selection
  • Introducing into the DD contrast® components


  • Introduction into the DD contrast® system and demonstration of the ideal use on monolithic crowns
  • Restauration of a molar and an anterior tooth
  • Explanation of different techniques
  • Microlayering

Notice: The model and the Zirconia- constructions are provided by Dental Direkt. Take care to bring along your usual instruments (brush, mixing tray, metalfree mixing spatula).


Day course / course fee:
550€ per person in addition 19% VAT.

Technologiezentrum, St. Annen

Please send your registration at: f.buck [at] and notice only two participants per laboratory are allowed.

»Who starts with DD contrast® cannot stop working with it.«

» I am thrilled. «

»My first impression: Dental Direkt keeps their promise and DD contrast® is exactly what I have had expected.«

»The homogeneity of the DD contrast® colors and textures are amazing.«