Polymer Heroes – CAD/CAM high-performance polymers for all indications and fast milling strategies

With Polymer Heroes from Dental Direkt, you have a comprehensive range of strong and durable high-performance polymer CAD CAM materials - tested, clinically proven, 100% biocompatible. The material composition supports fast milling strategies and saves time and money. With this, we send real winners into the race, with guaranteed success - we promise!

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The talent of our Polymer Heroes lies in the industrially polymerized raw material, which lays the foundation for the excellent material properties. The homogeneous and dense structure of the blanks ensures easy, fast and favorable processing and millability. The right tactics lies in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. As a manufacturer and processor, we know how important the right adjustment of individual parameters in the production process is to turn a talent into a winner.

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»During product development, my particular focus was on improving quality and durability. The current material components offer excellent bond strengths. As a trained dental technician, I know how important that is.«

Tanja Bücken-Thielmeyer, Product Manager 

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