DD journal Caroline Wabnitz

"The play of colors of the spectacular northern lights on the sky firmament in Norway reminds me of the color and texture system DD contrast®".

Dental technician Caroline Wabnitz
Hønefoss, Norway

This is what my monolithic DD contrast® painting looks like in Norwegian

My goal was to produce an anterior tooth in A2 according to VITA®. I used the zirconium oxide DD cube ONE® ML A2 (HT +).

After milling and sintering, I reduced the anterior tooth by 0.1 mm in the incisal third and thus slightly highlighted the mamelons. The margins have been rubberized to the level of the preparation margin. Afterwards, steam off, clean and start.

1st firing: DD contrast® color

DD journal Aus der Praxis Caroline Wabnitz Brand 1
  • Color firing at 810 °C with the colors shown in the picture

2nd firing: DD contrast® texture

DD journal Aus der Praxis Caroline Wabnitz Brand 2
  • All pastes are mixed with Enamel 59 to obtain a bright A2
  • The colors previously used in the color firing were repainted - similar to 'painting by numbers'.
  • The overall impression is now more plastic, as the DD contrast® applies textures and influences the entire surface - the shape of the anterior tooth becomes more striking. Depending on how thick or thin the materials are mixed, build-ups of 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm can be achieved.

  • After the complete tooth has been covered with DD contrast® texture and/or glaze materials, the 2nd firing is carried out. I recommend a firing temperature of 785 °C in order to preserve the surface structure worked in with the brush.


If you want to have more control over the surface texture, you can carry out a subsequent glaze firing. Simply apply the glaze thickly with a texture brush. The consistency of the glaze should not be diluted in this case. Then let it dry with some heat until the surface looks liquid-matt, but not dry-white. At this stage the glaze is 'plastically deformable' and does not run. This makes it easy to work the surface with a fan brush or to work in the perikymata / retzius stripes.

DD journal DD cubeX²® DD cube ONE® EN

DD cubeX with the highest translucency (Super High Translucent/SHT) in the material group is ideally suited for anterior aesthetics if the shade of the stump is lighter or does not deviate significantly from the desired tooth shade.

We recommend DD cube ONE® (High Translucent Plus/HT+) for bridges > 4 units or if a little more masking is required.

The perfect symbiosis

In terms of light and color dynamics, strength (indication) and opacity (residual limb situation), the Dental Direkt zirconium oxide types offer all options. In particular our monolithic zirconium oxides DD cubeX²® and DD cube ONE® offer the perfect basis for individualisation and finishing with DD contrast® - the perfect symbiosis.

DD Tip:

DD contrast® texture mask can be used excellently in the inner part of the tooth to cover up stump discolorations.  

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