DD contrast® creates illusion

DD contrast®, the color and texture system from Dental Direkt, gives full monolithic restorations optimum color dynamics, vivid depth effect and various intensities of fluorescence. It creates a wonderful symbiosis with the color and light systems of our monolithic zirconium oxides.

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DD contrast® color

Art. no. Color / 4 g
DDCCWH white
DDCCVA vanilla
DDCCCE cervical
DDCCOR orange
DDCCTR traces
DDCCFI fissure
DDCCLG light grey
DDCCDG dark grey
DDCCVI violet
DDCCDA dentin A
DDCCDB dentin B
DDCCDC dentin C
DDCCDD dentin D
DDCCMM mamelon maize
DDCCMC mamelon corn
DDCCMP mamelon pink

DD contrast® texture

Art. no. Color / 4 g
DDCTEB enamel bleach
DDCTRE retzius
DDCTTWF transpa warm fluor
DDCTCA caninus
DDCTOB opal blue
DDCTIL illusion
DDCTCDA1 chroma dentin A1
DDCTCDB4 chroma dentin B4
DDCTBD bleach dentin

DD contrast® glaze

Art. no. Color / 4 g
DDCGC glaze clear
DDCGCF glaze clear fluor

DD contrast® liquid

Art. no. Contents Delivery

DD contrast® standard liquid à 30 ml

For thinning paints and glaze for conventional use

1 DD contrast® standard liquid à 30 ml


DD contrast® texture liquid à 30 ml

For adjusting the special consistency of the stains and textures

1 DD contrast® texture liquid à 30 ml

DD contrast® brush

Art. no. Delivery

DD contrast® brush medium size 2


DD contrast® brush small size 3/0

DD contrast® firing paste

Art. no. Contents

Ceramic firing paste

12 ml, syringe

DD contrast® Set

Art. no. Contents Delivery

DD contrast® set


18 DD contrast® color à 4 g

11 DD contrast® texture à 4 g

1 DD contrast® glaze clear à 4 g

1 DD contrast® glaze clear fluor à 4 g

1 DD contrast® standard liquid à 30 ml 

1 DD contrast® texture liquid à 30 ml

DD contrast® color:

  • Body, mamelon and effect colors to create characteristic contrasts of light and dark, warm and cold.
  • Creation of natural looking tooth effects such as translucency and mamelons.
  • With »fissure« the System contains a marking color.

DD contrast® texture:

  • Individual modeling of surface structures.
  • Vivid depth effect and color intensity on monolithic crowns starting with a minimum layer thickness of 0.1 mm.
  • Natural color effect and light dynamics are achieved by a fine feldspar structure.
  • Special dentines for increasing the color intensity, of the brightness value and opacity in the labial and buccal area.
  • Can be used without additional glaze firing.

DD contrast® glaze:

DD contrast® glaze clear (non-fluorescent):

  • To seal the surface.
  • Glaze with a slight opacity/gray shimmer.
  • Especially advantageous for elderly patients
  • whose teeth are more translucent.

DD contrast® glaze clear fluor (fluorescent):

  • To seal the surface.
  • Especially in the body area you can achieve the necessary fluorescence – just like with a natural tooth.

DD contrast® liquid:

The DD contrast® standard liquid can only be used for diluting DD contrast® colors and DD contrast® glaze pastes. With the liquid you can adjust the thickness of the transparent layer.
For the DD contrast® texture pastes, only the DD contrast® texture liquid should be used to maintain the special consistency and modelling ability of the material. However, DD contrast® texture liquid can also be used with DD contrast® colors and DD contrast® glaze pastes to modify the consistency.

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