• One Fit All – height can be shortened individually
  • Highest durability thanks to optimized adhesive surface


Thanks to a minimum gingival height of 0.3 mm, individual design freedom is provided. Bellied anterior crowns with unfavorable vertical curvature features are a thing of the past thanks to the optimized rotational geometry. Mechanical retentions for the adhesive increase the load-bearing capacity and durability between the superstructure and the DD Ti-Base 2CUT without taking up more space.

For what:

  • Custom abutments for single-tooth restorations
  • Directly screw-retained single crown

Ti-Base 2CUT Set

Art. no. Type Series Fits interface / diameter Compatibility
DDAASKL35S Astra Tech® AAS 3.5/4.0 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDAASKL45S Astra Tech® AAS 4.5/5.0 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDBSKKL35S Sky® BSK 3.5/5.5 mm Bredent Medical
DDCCAKL33S Camlog® CCA 3.3 mm Altatec
DDCCAKL38S Camlog® CCA 3.8 mm Altatec
DDCCAKL43S Camlog® CCA 4.3 mm Altatec
DDCCAKL50S Camlog® CCA 5.0 mm Altatec
DDCCOKL33S Conelog® CCO 3.3 mm Altatec
DDCCOKL38S Conelog® CCO 3.8 mm Altatec
DDCCOKL43S Conelog® CCO 4.3 mm Altatec
DDCCOKL50S Conelog® CCO 5.0 mm Altatec
DDDEVKL30S Astra EV DEV 3.0 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDEVKL36S Astra EV DEV 3.6 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDEVKL42S Astra EV DEV 4.2 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDEVKL48S Astra EV DEV 4.8 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDEVKL54S Astra EV DEV 5.4 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDFXKL34S Frialit®, Xive® DFX 3.4 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDFXKL38S Frialit®, Xive® DFX 3.8 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDFXKL45S Frialit®, Xive® DFX 4.5 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDDFXKL55S Frialit®, Xive® DFX 5.5 mm DENTSPLY Implants®
DDMARKL35S AnyRidge® MAR 3.5 - 8.0 mm MegaGen®
DDMMIKL41S ICX MMI 3.75 - 4.8 mm Medentis Medical®
DDMSEKL33S Seven® MSE 3.3 mm (NP) MIS Implants®
DDMSEKL42S Seven® MSE 3.75/4.2 mm (SP) MIS Implants®
DDMSEKL50S Seven® MSE 5.0 mm (WP) MIS Implants®
DDNBRKL35S Brånemark™ NBR 3.5 mm Nobel Biocare™
DDNBRKL41S Brånemark™ NBR 4.1 mm Nobel Biocare™
DDNNAKL35S Nobel Active® NNA 3.5 mm (NP) Nobel Biocare™
DDNNAKL43S Nobel Active® NNA 4.3/5.0 mm (RP) Nobel Biocare™
DDNREKL35S Replace Select® NRE 3.5 mm (NP) Nobel Biocare™
DDNREKL43S Replace Select® NRE 4.3 mm (RP) Nobel Biocare™
DDNREKL50S Replace Select® NRE 5.0 mm (WP) Nobel Biocare™
DDOTSKL35S TS OTS 3,5 mm M Osstem Implant
DDOTSKL40S TS OTS 4.0-6.0 mm (R) Osstem Implant
DDSBOKL33S Bone Level SBO 3.3 mm (NC) Straumann®
DDSBOKL41S Bone Level SBO 4.1/4.8 mm (RC) Straumann®
DDSSYKL48S Tissue Level SSY 4.8 mm (RN) Straumann®
DDSSYKL65S Tissue Level SSY 6.5 mm (WN) Straumann®
DDZBCKL34S Certain® ZBC 3.4 mm Zimmer Biomet 3i
DDZBCKL41S Certain® ZBC 4.1/5.0 mm Zimmer Biomet 3i
DDZTAKL35S Tapered Screw-Vent® ZTA 3.5 mm Zimmer Dental
DDZTAKL45S Tapered Screw-Vent® ZTA 4.5 mm Zimmer Dental
DDZTAKL57S Tapered Screw-Vent® ZTA 5.7 mm Zimmer Dental
DDTSPKL40S SPI® TSP 4.0 mm Thommen Medical®
DDTSPKL45S SPI® TSP 4.5 mm Thommen Medical®
DDTSPKL50S SPI® TSP 5.0 mm Thommen Medical®
DDTSPKL60S SPI® TSP 6,0 mm Thommen Medical®


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