DD cube ONE® ML – High Translucent Plus (4Y-TZP)

Multilayer – high strength cubic zirconia

Based on the „DD cube ONE® – high strength cubic zirconia system“ the blanks offer a flowing color gradation from cervical to incisal. The manufacture of aesthetic monoliths has never been this efficient before.

Perfect suitable for:

  • High aesthetic monolithic crowns and bridges

  • Especially for monolithic anterior restorations

  • Cut back (one layer)
  • High aesthetic veneering
1.200 ± 150 MPa
16 VITA® shades
1 Bleach-Shade


Reduzierte Krone
Monolithische Krone Frontzahn
Monolithische Krone Seitenzahn
Hybrid Abutment Krone
Monolithische Brücke (3-gliedrig)
monolithische Bruecke
Reduzierte Brücke (3-gliedrig)
reduzierte Brücke
Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

Zirconium dioxide constructions made of already pre-shaded blanks may only be treated with DD Art Elements and not additionally with DD Basic Shade, DD Pro Shade Z.

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Characteristic Unit Value
CTE (25 – 500°C)

[10-6 K-1]

~ 10.8
Chem. solubility [µm/cm2] ≤ 15.3
Fracture toughness (KIC) [MPa√m] > 10
Flexural strength* 


1200 ± 150

*measured according to DIN EN ISO 6872

DD cube ONE® ML for open systems Ø 98,5 mm

Art. no. VITA® color Height (mm)
G832017 Bleach 14
G834017 Bleach 18
G836017 Bleach 22
G832007 A1 14
G834007 A1 18
G836007 A1 22
G832001 A2 14
G834001 A2 18
G836001 A2 22
G832002 A3 14
G834002 A3 18
G836002 A3 22
G832003 A3,5 14
G834003 A3,5 18
G836003 A3,5 22
G832009 A4 14
G834009 A4 18
G836009 A4 22
G832008 B1 14
G834008 B1 18
G836008 B1 22
G832004 B2 14
G834004 B2 18
G836004 B2 22
G832010 B3 14
G834010 B3 18
G836010 B3 22
G832011 B4 14
G834011 B4 18
G836011 B4 22
G832012 C1 14
G834012 C1 18
G836012 C1 22
G832005 C2 14
G834005 C2 18
G836005 C2 22
G832013 C3 14
G834013 C3 18
G836013 C3 22
G832014 C4 14
G834014 C4 18
G836014 C4 22
G832015 D2 14
G834015 D2 18
G836015 D2 22
G832006 D3 14
G834006 D3 18
G836006 D3 22
G832016 D4 14
G834016 D4 18
G836016 D4 22

Chemische Zusammensetzung [Gew.%]

ZrO2 + HfO+ Y2O3

≥ 99.0


< 8


< 0.15

other oxides

< 1.0

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