DD peek MED

the polymer steel

DD peek MED is the ideal combination of biocompatibility and ultimate strength.

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) has a modulus of elasticity similar to human bone and is thus extremely wear-resistant. These attributes have made it a highly sought-after material in surgical endoprosthetics. Compared with titanium implants, stress peaks at the interface to the bones are reduced. Dental constructions also benefit from this property. This reduces the load on screw and adhesive bonds of the dental prosthesis as well. An ideal material for heavily load-bearing indications. Its total biocompatibility underscores the material through its inert property against body fluids.

Your benefits:

  • Monomer-free
  • Extremely loadable and wear-rsistant
  • Low density – very light
  • Adheres with PMMA
  • Suitable for allergy patients
  • Outstanding sliding qualities (telescopes)

DD peek MED for open systems Ø 98,5 mm

Art. no. Color Height (mm)
K 3.01.14 white 14
K 3.01.18 white 18
K 3.01.23 white 23
K 3.02.14 dentine 14
K 3.02.18 dentine 18
K 3.02.23 dentine 23
K 3.03.14 natural 14
K 3.03.18 natural 18
K 3.03.23 natural 23
K 3.04.14 gingiva 14
K 3.04.18 gingiva 18
K 3.04.23 gingiva 23
Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

Physical specifications

(Value determination based on DD Peek MED – Natural)

Characteristics Standard Unit Value

Flexural strength

[ISO 20795-1]


≥ 155

Flexural modulus

[ISO 20795-1]


≥ 3,8

Water sorption

[ISO 20795-1]




[ISO 20795-1]




[ISO 1183]



Softening temperature

[ISO 11357]


> 300

Chemical composition

  Natural White Dentine Gingiva

Polyether ether ketone

≥ 99,99

≥ 80

≥ 80

> 90

Titanium dioxide

< 20

< 20

< 5

further additives

< 0,01

< 0,1

< 1

< 1


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