DD Bio ZWiso – High Strength (3Y-TZP-A)

These blanks are distinguished by their enhanced strength and long-term hydrothermal stability. An absolutely homogenous structure is achieved through a specially developed production process. The balanced composition and fine grain structure ensure excellent technical properties.

perfectly suitable for:

  • Aesthetic veneering of crowns and bridges
  • Hybrid-Abutments
1.150 ±200 MPa


Reduzierte Krone
Reduzierte Brücke (3-gliedrig)
reduzierte Brücke
Hybrid Abutment
Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Characteristic Unit Value

Density (after sintering)


> 6.0

CTE (25 – 500°C)

[10⁻⁶ K⁻¹]

∼ 10.5

Flexural strength*


1300 – 1450



> 200

*measured according to DIN EN ISO 6872

DD Bio ZW iso for open systems Ø 98,5mm

Art. no. Height (mm)
G 513 10
G 526 12
G 505 14
G 527 16
G 506 18
G 507 20
G 553 25

DD Bio ZS for Sirona inLab® and inLab® MC XL-System

Art. no. Amount Sizes Technic
G 603 25 21x15x15,5
G 600 24 20x19x15,5
G 601 10 40x15x14
G 602 10 40x19x15,5
G 604 2 55x19x15,5


G 604.1 2 55x19x15,5


G 605 1 65x25x22
G 607 1 85x40x22

Chemische Zusammensetzung [Gew.%]

Characteristic Unit Value
CTE (25 – 500°C)

[10-6 K-1]

~ 10.8
Chem. solubility [µm/cm2] ≤ 9.1
Fracture toughness (KIC) [MPa√m] > 9.5
Flexural strength* 


1.150 ± 200

*measured according to DIN EN ISO 6872

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