Economical processing with highest quality

The CORiTEC® one⁺ has an exceptional ratio of power, speed and precision. This is offered by the powerful high-frequency spindle with 750 watts and 100,000 rpm.

The manual quick clamping system is equipped with 5 holders: 

  • Standard blank holder 98mm
  • C-Clamp blank holder 98mm
  • Single holder for blocks and pre-milled abutments
  • 6-fold block holder
  • 6-fold holder for pre-milled abutments

With the semi-open blank holder, the so-called C-Clamp holder, even the most difficult indications can be fabricated.  Due to the excellent axis kinematics, the machine is also suitable for processing pre-milled abutments. With its integrated PC and touch display, the CORiTEC one⁺ is extremely user-friendly. 

CORiTEC ONE Maschine




CORiTEC® one

Art. no. Techn. data
CAM 0916
Materials Description

Preform Abutments, zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide, PMMA, plastics, composites, wax, glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics


98,5 Blanks, CAD/CAM blocks (1-fold and 3-fold adapter), maxi blocks
(65 x 40 x 20 mm),DD Prefabs, nt-Trading Premilled Abutments, Medentika PreFace® Abutments


Number of axis and processing type

5-axis processing

Rotary axis travel angle

360° processing possible

Wet processing

Dry processing Yes

Type of spindle

High frequency spindle

Max. spindle speed

100.000 rpm/ 0,75 kW

Tool holder

3 mm shaft

Tool changer


Connection requirements

Weight 77 kg
Width x depth x hight 422 x 556 x 644 mm

Line voltage / frequency / maximum capacity

100 V – 230 V / 50/60 Hz / 500 W

Pressure / quantity

2 bar (6 bar while processing blanks)

Suction optionally

iVac eco+ / Silent Compact CAM



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