DD bio CW

Milling blank based on CoCr

Dentale NEM

The DD Bio CW Blanks provide a high level of working safety and guarantees reliably good quality. The DD Bio CW blank is resistant to corrosion, biocompatible and free of nickel and beryllium. Outstanding aesthetic results can be achieved by a veneering with a material-specific veneering ceramic. The adherence oxide formers provid an optimal bond between metal and ceramic.

The DD Bio CW blank has been treated with a special heat treatment, which makes the alloy easy to machine and gives it outstanding properties due to a uniform microstructure.


  •  Corrosion resistant
  •  Free from nickel, cadmium and beryllium
  •  Optimum metal-ceramic bond

DD Bio CW for open systems Ø 98,5 mm

Art. no. Height (mm)
G 900 8
G 901 10
G 902 12
G 903 13,5
G 904 15
G 905 18
Manual / Gebrauchsanleitung

Consult instructions for use

Physical specifications

Characteristics Unit Value




E modulus



CTE (25–500°C)

[10-6 K-1]


Vickers hardness



Elongation at break




Chemical composition [wt.%]

Cobalt (Co)


Chromium (Cr)


Molybdenum (Mo)


Nb, Si, Mn, Fe:



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