DD cubeX²®ML Nesting

DD cubeX²®ML Nesting More and more labs start milling from Multi Layer zirconia like DD cubeX²®ML (SHT) or DD cubeONE® ML (HT+). The advantages are obvious. Natural Aesthetics with smooth transition of color and translucency is combined with a high level of reproducibility compared to the liquid coloring technique. Results are predictable when the Nesting in the CAM Software supports the technician with a life- like visualization. This is how it goes with our Nesting module in DD smart CAM.

Dental Direkt - Your Companion on the digital path

20 years of Dental Direkt Read an interview from the Dental Labor about the emergence of Dental Direkt, its goals and the digitalization of the dental industry. The interview was conducted by Mrs. Schuster with Uwe Greitens as interviewer. This interview appeared in the December 2018 issue of Dental Labor, published by Neuer Merkur GmbH.

DD cube ONE® ML – One material for all your needs - Available soon

Highly-translucent variants, which are particularly suitable for aesthetic, fully anatomical restorations, are often restricted in their range of indication or require special design parameters. In this case, the new DD cube ONE® version by Dental Direkt can simplify and reduce inventory. DD cube ONE® ML is a multi-indication ceramic (type II class 5 according to DIN ISO 6872:2015) for monolithic single crowns to long-span bridges. The high degree of translucency ensures vitality when fully anatomically milled. It forms the perfect basis for cut backs or full veneers. Individual color

Zirconia and color fidelity. An unequal pair?

Monolithic and stained individualized zirconia restorations offer attractive aesthetics and allow for a substance-saving preparation. By choosing a suitable attachment material, acceptable results can be achieved even on stained stumps. However, experts often disagree when it comes to the color assessment of zirconium restorations. Especially since the zircons have become more translucent, many factors influence the color effect. In addition to the degree of translucency for example, the material thickness of the construction, the firing program used, sintering conditions, and the type of

The sintering furnace. The ignored component in the CAD/CAM system.

The quality of the high-temperature oven used for densification of zirconium oxide is gaining importance due to material innovations. Innovative, highly translucent types of zirconium oxide open up new possibilities – however, require suitable sintering conditions. Dental zirconium oxide has been used clinically for over 20 years. It has become established as a high-strength and durable framework material. In recent years, many industrial manufacturers of ZrO2 milling blanks have concentrated on increasing the translucency of the material. New chemical raw material variants and improved

Billing for optoelectronic impression taking

“Are you already scanning or are you (still) taking impressions conventionally?” In fact, the latest-generation intraoral scanners offer promising diagnostic and treatment options. When purchasing an intraoral scanner, the following criteria play a role: Accuracy of the digital impression, the possibility of reworking the scan, the availability of data, the availability of interfaces, software tools, would I like lab-side or chairside fabrication, do I prefer a cart or laptop version or should the scanner be integrated into the dental chair, and finally, last but not least, handling and

The ONE zirconia

The ONE zirconia Digital workflow – real aesthetics – ONE zirconia DD cube ONE® – the first cubic zirconia with unique break protection factor. The multi-indicative ceramic combines translucency and robustness to enable highly aesthetic full contour restorations and more. Perfect Translucency – for ideal aesthetics with less greying DD cube ONE® provides the best care especially for tooth stumps that are not the same color and for abutment crowns. The higher translucency in the incisal area ensures natural aesthetics. In the body area, the increasing color intensity creates the perfect balance

panther – The Premium-Finish Polishing Kit

panther – The Premium-Finish Polishing Kit By using CAD/CAM blanks from Dental Direkt, the dentist and dental technicians have chosen the know-how of the largest, german manufacturer of dental zirconium oxide. Our production processes are the result of intensive research and development work. Thereby it is the subtleties in the process control that define the quality of a high-performance ceramic. The nuances when finishing your zirconium oxide restorations are just as important. With the panther polishing system we offer an ideal tool for quick and aesthetic polishing while taking the latest

DD cubeX²® ML – Optimised Concept

DD cubeX²® ML – Optimised Concept To enable our multilayer blanks to be an allround talent in your laboratory, we demand a high degree of flexibility from our developers. During the past 6 months we have been listening to you very carefully, evaluating and analysing your opinions of, and experiences with, our DD cubeX²® ML Concept. We have had some lively discussions, and have worked closely with our partners from construction, nesting and sintering, through to position in situ. We have enjoyed seeing the creativity with which you approach digital dental technology, developing concepts for the

Suitability of Dental Direkt Zirconium Oxide for Use on Patients with Bruxism

Suitability of Dental Direkt Zirconium Oxide for Use on Patients with Bruxism Chewing simulation performed at Kiel University Clinic Bruxism (grinding and clenching) describes the continual, unconscious, often nocturnal but sometimes diurnal grinding or clenching of the teeth on the upper and lower jaw – also known more simply as teeth grinding.[1,2] Bruxism occurs in around 20% of the population. [2] The pressure that arises can be up to 10 times higher than in normal chewing.[1,2] For comparison: depending on food consistency, the chewing force required by people during chewing amounts to